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Why EOS Royale?

EOS Royale is a decentralized gaming platform on the EOS blockchain.


Token Airgrab


Lifetime Referral Commission 0.5%


Dividend Distribution


EOS Royale Roulette

European Roulette is our first try, but we plan on launching several more games in a few months. EOS platform is perfect for developing games akin to roulette. We’re not interested in primitives like dice or lottery, so we’ll focus on more compelling games - slots, blackjack, craps, etc.  

About us

Dividend Distribution

How to earn ROY?


There are two ways: game and referral.

You receive ROY tokens for every EOS you bet in roulette - either won or lost - at the following rate:

1st period   -  50 000 000 ROY: 1 EOS - 50 ROY
2nd period  -  100 000 000 ROY: 1 EOS - 25 ROY

3d period    -  200 000 000 ROY: 1 EOS - 10 ROY

4th period   -  600 000 000 ROY: 1 EOS - 5 ROY


1% from every bet goes to the dividend pool. Also, 1% of the dividend pool is distributed every hour between the users, who have their ROY tokens staked.

More games coming soon


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